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3 ways our customers have benefited from investing in a Hotspring spa

The list of health & wellness benefits from a Hotspring spa is endless, thanks to our spas unique
hydromassage and Energy Smart features.
Here are 3 (of many) ways our very happy Hotspring customers have benefited from investing in
their own Hotspring spa

Separating work time from home time

With the daily stressors of work continually taking their toll, it can feel incredibly difficult to switch
from our ‘work mode’ into ‘home & family mode’, as we end up mentally bringing our work home
with us.
This can stop us from giving our best self to our families, partners & friends leading to strains in our
Many of our Hotspring customers report using their hot tub as their way to seamlessly destress &
relax when they get home, leave their work concerns for tomorrow when they can be dealt with,
and putting themselves into a happier, positive mindset to enjoy their time with, and give their full
attention to, those they cherish most.

Get the family together

Especially as our children become teenagers, it can be very easy for us to begin to feel like little more
than a group of people who live in the same house, as opposed to feeling like a family, due to
everyone’s lives taking place in separate rooms.
And any family time potentially ends up with everyone only watching the same TV screen.
Our Hotspring customers tell us that having a hot tub has been a godsend in reconnecting them with
their families, as their hot tub becomes a haven for everyone to unwind, chat, enjoy each other’s
company and connect.
With your own Hotspring spa, getting your family together for quality time becomes easier than

Enhance all areas of life

Our minds and bodies affect each other, with mental stresses of the day leading to headaches,
muscle tightness, low moods, poor sleep, and unhealthy coping habits, whilst physical pains such as
bad backs, arthritis & aching joints cause us to feel rundown, drained, unenthusiastic to life, and
quick to ‘snap’ at those around us.
Having your own Hotspring hot tub always ready to go is your perfect answer to an endless list of
health & wellness issues.

Whether it’s refreshing your mental health with some calming music and the soothing sound of the
water feature, or a rejuvenating hydromassage session on aching muscles and sore joints to restore
mobility and live life pain-free, your Hotspring spa can provide this for you with our unique patented
jets and design.
And all at a fraction of the cost of other brands due to our unique Energy Smart status.


Chat with an expert

If you’re ready to take the first step to moving towards the next pain-free chapter of your life, our
Spa Consultants in Hotsprings showrooms are more than happy to help you find your perfect hot
So, do call or visit us at –
01872 211399  – Truro Showroom, Carnon Downs Garden Centre, Quenchwell Rd, TR3 6LN
01752 424418 – Plymouth Showroom, Endsleigh Garden Centre, Ivybridge, PL21 9JL
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01934 834879 – Bristol Showroom, Cadbury Garden Centre, Smallway, Congresbury BS49 5AA
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We look forward to welcoming you.