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What are the benefits of owning a Hot Tub?

Since the time of the ancient Greeks, people have found natural healing powers in bubbling pools of hot water.

Through the ages, the Romans, Greeks, Japanese and other cultures have realised its many benefits through spirit, mind and body. Hot tubs can create the same effect. The heat, buoyancy and massage found in the warm, soothing waters of a hot tub create an experience that is both relaxing and rejuvenating. Sit back and relax in your hot tub and feel the power of the hydromassage. Whether it’s to unwind from the complexities of everyday life or to soothe sore muscles and joints caused by sports or minor strains, here’s how a hot tub hydromassage can help you feel better – naturally.

Muscle pain relief

Warm water engulfs the body and loosens muscle tightness.

Arthritis relief

Water makes the body buoyant and allows free movement of the joints with up to 90% less weight when the body is immersed in water.


People who relax in a hot tub for 15-20 minutes before bed time are more likely to enjoy a deep and peaceful sleep.

Joint pain

Warm water in a hot tub will dilate the blood vessels to relieve painful symptoms.

Stress and general well-being

People who use hot tubs and spa facilities regularly enjoy a feeling of rejuvenation, and relaxation that only hydrotherapy can bring. Spa treatments are good for the mind and the soul, and reduce stress and anxiety.

Quality family time

Rather than spending evenings in front of the television, getting the family together in the hot tub is a great way to spend quality time together and bond.

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