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4 Reasons why chemicals are a essential part of the hot tub ownership experience

Here are 4 Reasons why chemicals are a essential part of the hot tub ownership experience

When it comes to owning a HotSpring hot tub, chemicals are essential for hot tub care. Different chemicals can enhance your hot tub experience to a higher level. Here are three reasons why you should buy chemicals for your hot tub and how different chemicals can affect your water.

1. Keeping your hot tub water clean 24/7

Every time you use your hot tub, the chemical balance changes. That is why hot tub owners can use 4 ways test strips to know if there are any changes in the chemical balance of the water. With the correct measurement of chemicals, it will keep your hot tub water clean and free from harmful bacteria for longer.

For example: Chlorine Granules. Chlorine Granules are ideal for daily dosing your spa, it produces free active chlorine which kills bacteria and other potentially harmful organisms. They are rapid dissolving and have minimal impact on pH. Chlorine granules are the most common form of chemical sanitisation used for HotSpring hot tubs.

2. Crystal clear water at all times

Hot tubs water can get a bit cloudy after a heavy use, especially when there are a lot of small dirt particles that can make your hot tub cloudy and unpleasant. An easy way to treat cloudy water is Hotspring Spa clarifier. Hotspring Spa clarifier works as a water polisher that collects and combine small particles of dirt together so that your HotSpring cartridge filter can collect it. This way it keeps your hot tubs water sparkling and clear. Don’t forget that you can also clean your filters with our HotSpring filter cleaner.

3. Extra protection for your hotspring hot tub

Here is an easy way to give your hot tub extra protection with more natural chemical ingredients. For example, Silver ION Sanitiser Cartridges. The sliver can helps to repel bacteria in your spa so the chlorine can effectively oxidise off the bacteria. Sliver ION Sanitiser can increase bather comfort, prevent from unpleasant odours and reduce scum lines in your hot tub.
Also keep in mind that it’s easy to install. Just simply drop the cartridge into your filter and you only have to change your silver ion cartridges every four months.

4. Freshwater Salt system

With just a little salt in your spa water, the system generates chlorine automatically using a freshwater salt cartridge, so you’ll spend less time measuring and adding chemicals. This unique system makes spa ownership easier than ever by removing the guesswork and hassle of water care maintenance. 

Don’t forget!
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