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15 clever hot tub ideas to try

Want to make your hot tub experience even better? Here are 15 clever hot tub ideas to take it to the next level…

1. Hot tub umbrella

A hot tub umbrella is an easy upgrade that allows you to use your hot tub all year round. With an umbrella you can relax in your hot tub in all weathers – shielding you from the strong sun or the driving rain.


2. Build a drinks cooler

There isn’t much better in life than soaking in a hot tub with a cool drink in your hand. Make it even easier by building or adding a drinks cooler right next to your hot tub.

3. Switch to ACE

Want to spend less time maintaining your hot tub and more time using it? If you own one of the Highlife or Limelight hot tub ranges from 2015 onwards, why not switch to the ACE system? You’ll be able to enjoy your hot tub with less chemicals for longer.


4. Create a hot tub bar

If a drinks cooler isn’t enough for you, why not go all out and create a hot tub bar! How great is this design? With a hot tub bar you can get out for a drink plus share the experience with more people.


5. Add some music

Want to enjoy your hot tub while listening to your favourite tunes, or maybe even an audiobook or podcast? Add a Bluetooth enabled wireless dock and you can change tracks, adjust volume, play and pause through the hot tub’s main control panel.


6. Increase privacy with fencing

If your garden is overlooked, you can still enjoy your hot tub in privacy – create screening with fencing or grow climbing plants to create a garden haven.

7. Create a spa experience with aromatherapy crystals

To really feel like you’re in a day spa, rather than your garden, add some aromatherapy crystals to your hot tub. Spazazz hot tub crystals don’t alter the pH of your water or leave an oily residue, they just release all-natural scents that leave you feeling relaxed and revitalised. 


8. Add an outdoor shower

Showering before you get in your hot tub is recommended for keeping water levels optimum, so why not make it as easy as possible by building in an outdoor shower into your garden next to your hot tub. It will also come in handy for those hot summer days!

9. Light it up

Many HotSpring hot tubs come with built in multi colour LED systems, so you’ll already have mood lighting sorted. But why not add to the effect by decorating the area around your hot tub with fairy or festoon lights, or perhaps lead the way to the tub with solar stake lights.

10. Make your hot tub easier to use

Adding a spa cover cradle or covermate makes it all the easier to get the cover off your spa and keep it safe while you use it – definitely a worthwhile addition.


11. Design your garden around your hot tub

Want to make your hot tub the centre of attention? Why not reconfigure your garden to make it the star – try raising it up, adding a path from the house or design planting to show it off.

12. Add a towel or robe holder

From a simple hook on the fence to a towel ladder, having your towel or robe close at hand will make the hot tub experience even better, especially in the cold winter months.

13. Increase ease of access

People with less mobility can often benefit most from a soothing soak in a hot tub, but if getting in and out is tricky, consider adding a handrail and steps for easier access.


14. Go undercover 

If you’d like to be a bit more sheltered from the elements, the options for covering your hot tub are numerous, from a pergola to a clear dome. 

15. Consider an upgrade

Finally, did you know that the latest hot tubs now have advanced features like wireless remote controls?

Why not consider upgrading to see how much better your hot tub experience could be with the latest technology. Check out our latest models.