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Hot tub water care tips

HotSpring Hot Tubs has prepared the following hot tub care tips to help you maintain optimum water quality for your hot tub.

We recommend that a routine of daily, weekly and monthly maintenance will ensure that your hot tub water quality is kept at optimum levels for your hot tub experience and enjoyment. You can find hot tub water care products in our online shop.

PH+ (Increaser)

  • Always ensure AKL is correct first
  • Add 11g per 1000 litres to increase by 0.2
  • Leave 30 minutes before retesting to ensure an accurate reading

PH- (Reducer)

  • Add 11g per 1000 litres to decrease by 0.2
  • Leave 30 minutes before retesting to ensure an accurate reading



  • You should maintain your chlorine reading between 3-5ppm at all times
  • If your chlorine drops below then use 2g of chlorine granules per 1000 litres to increase by 1ppm
  • Continue to add until desired level is reached
  • Leave 60 minutes before use


  • You should maintain you bromine reading between 3-5ppm
  • Dose via a floating tablet dispenser which remains in the spa while not in use
  • Remove while bathing and replace immediately after use
  • Use in conjunction with bromine granules to maintain levels
  • Add 3g of Bromine granules per 1000 litres to increase by 1ppm


Non Chorine Shock/Spa Fusion

  • Dose weekly or fortnightly depending on use
  • Add 11g of Non chlorine per 1000 litres
  • Run jets with cover off for 10 minutes


  • Filters must be kept clean and maintained to ensure the effective running of you spa
  • Use Instant filter cleaner every week of fortnight depending on use – spray and leave for 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly before replacing
  • Use Cartridge Cleaner every water change or as required – soak filters for 24 hrs, rinse thoroughly and allow to dry before replacing filters.

Silver Ions

  • Replace silver ions on every water change. Do not keep in spa for more than 4 months
  • Scale Inhibitor – hard water areas only
  • Add 25ml per 1000 litres on the initial fill
  • Add a weekly dose of 15ml for 1000 litres

Helpful Hints

  • Place a foot bath by the steps with some chlorinated water to encourage people to wash their feet before entering the spa
  • Keep swim wear especially for the spa and rinse in cold water only – do not put through the washing machine as this causes foam!
  • You should test water before and after each use and dose accordingly
  • If Chlorine is reading too high then drain out some water and top up with fresh water to dilute down
  • Always dose products one at a time via the main body of the hot tub. Runs the jets to circulate.
  • Never dose via the filter compartment