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How a hot tub can benefit physical activities

After an intense workout, a perfect way to soothe your sore muscles would be our HotSpring hot tubs. Our hot tubs are known for its powerful hydrotherapy which offer many different benefits for both mental health and physical health. 

In this article, we will discover which sports can benefits from our HotSpring hot tubs and what athletic conditions it can help treat.


1. Running

Running is a cardiovascular exercise and many people enjoy the runner’s high. There are some common side effects such as muscle tension, whether you run a couple times a week or train more frequently. The best range of hot tubs for a runner would be the Limelight range or Highlife range when there’s a sitting lounger that can target the back of your leg muscles. 

2. Weight lifting 

If you love strength training and love the toned body look, here are the reasons why you should use the hot tub after your workout. Using a HotSpring hot tub after you’re a weight lifting session can prevent elastic tissue damage.

Our four ranges of hot tub can prevent your body being stiff, relieve joint pain and help you feel rejuvenated. The hot water submersion in our hot tubs can help encourage increased blood flow, improve muscle recovery speed and relax them. The Moto-massage DX is a unique HotSpring jet that targets and moves along the area on either side of your spine relieving any pressure or stress.


3. Tennis

Tennis is a great way to maintain your fitness, your health and your strength. It’s a social sport that you can play with your family or friends to maintain your social activities. However, there are possible injuries that can happen during your tennis session such as tennis elbow, wrist tendinitis, stiff shoulders and tension in your legs. 

Our highlife range Envoy has different types of jet massages that can target your whole body, even your waist and your hips. Our jets are placed in the most effective areas offering you a massage you’ve never had before in the comfort of your own home. 

Many athletes have said having a quick soak before a workout can help their upcoming performance and gets their blood flowing. Even if you’re not involved in any sport activities, soaking in a hot tub can still benefit your physical health. Relaxing in a hot tub is fun for everyone! Your body will thank you in the future. 

Overall, it is definitely worth investing in a hot tub for your physical health. If you want more information about hot tubs in general, or you’d like to have a test-soak in a hot tub, please pop into our closest showroom. We have showrooms based in Cardiff, Chepstow, Bristol, Swansea and Plymouth. Or you can contact us through our website. click here.