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How long should you stay in a hot tub?

If you’re new to hot tub ownership, you may be wondering what length of time is optimal for a hot tub soak. How long should you stay in a hot tub to benefit your health? The short answer is it depends. Let us explain…


The hotter the temperature, the less time you can spend in the tub. Ideally the temperature should not go over 40 degrees, but ultimately, it is a case of trial and error – if it feels too hot, try turning it down a couple of degrees.

General Health

How healthy are you? Those with conditions and pregnant women should limit their hot tub use, and in some cases avoid it altogether. Be aware of how you feel when you’re in the hot tub. Be vigilant for any of these potential side effects:

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Light-headedness

How Deep

The deeper you sit, the harder it will be for your body to adjust to the temperature. To extend the amount of time you spend in the tub, consider sitting with more of your body out of the tub.

Exterior temperature

If it is cold outside, your body temperature will lower more quickly and could lead to dizziness. If it is hot, it will take less time and could lead to over heating. Mild burns, similar to sunburn, could occur when your body over heats. Take a break from your hot tub if this happens.

It can be tempting to spend hours in the hot tub. But ultimately, your body will thank you for regulating the amount of time you spend in it, and it will add to your enjoyment too. As a rule of thumb, spend anything up to an hour in your hot tub at a time. If you want to be in the tub longer, you can always take a break and go back later, thus giving your body time to regulate and adjust properly before you delve in once more.

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