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How to get the best of your HotSpring spa during the winter months

4 handy tips to run your Hotspring hot tub economically in winter

Wintertime is when Hotspring spas really come into their own, their Energy Smart features keep your running costs the lowest on the market.
You will be very glad you chose Energy Smart!
Here are 4 additional tips you can use to keep your hot tub as economical and enjoyable throughout the winter.

Have an autumn inspection

Few people understandably want to be working outdoors on cold winter days draining, cleaning & refilling a hot tub.
Using the end of Autumn to drain your hot tub, have your annual service if needed, and refill your spa with fresh water will give you the peace of mind that your hot tub will be ready for you to make the most of during those crisp winter evenings with your loved ones.
You can contact the service department on 01179 665 628 to book in your annual service.

Give your cover some extra attention

Because heat rises, much of your hot tub’s heat will be trying to escape through the cover.
Hotspring’s spa have a heat seal cover that are customed designed for the perfect fit on your hot tub, retaining the maximum amount of heat possible.
With some simple tender loving care, you can prolong the life-span of your hot tub cover to make sure it keeps strong & crack-free, your water at the perfect temperature, and your energy bills lower throughout the winter.
At least once per month, clean the top of your hot tub cover with waterline cleaner, then rinse the cover clear with water. Clean the underside of your hot tub with this also.
Finally apply Hotsring’s ‘Spa Shine & Protect’ to the top of your hot tub cover and leave to dry.
If the cover is damaged or waterlogged then this is the perfect time to replace it.
Contact our service team on 01179 665 628 to order a new custom fit spa cover.

Clear your filters

Wintertime brings falling leaves and other natural debris that can fall into your spa when in use and so end up in the filters. Be sure to take out weekly, this means the job will be done quickly and you can go back to enjoying your hot tub.
If debris builds up, this can restrict water flow, add more work to the pump and so increase your energy bills.
Cleaning the filters monthly if needed with Hotspring’s Instant Filter Cleaner, and monthly providing a deep clean to your filters with Hotspring’s bottled Filter Cleaner products will keep your filters running smoothly all winter.

Looking after your water

Keeping your water clean and well topped up with the required chemicals will further reduce time spent having to do things with your hot tub. Keep your old test strip pot and put your chlorine or bromine in ready to put in at the end of your dip. It means you don’t have to hang around measuring out, you can throw it in with clean cycle on. Leave lid open while the jets are in to allow the chemical in the stem to evaporate. Turn hot tub off and head in.
Additionally, adding in Hotsprings AquaSparkle Oxidiser sachets will provide further assistance to keeping your spa water crystal clear.

As a Hotspring customer you receive a 10% discount on chemical purchases from your local Hotspring showroom, and you can also purchase from
So, stocking up on your spa chemicals in bulk will provide huge savings for you, whilst giving you peace of mind that all chemicals you need are available to you immediately.

The wintertime is the very best time to use your hot tub, star gazing or just simply spending time with family and friends. Don’t forget your wolly hat and hot chocolate for those winter nights.
Remember the warmer the weather, the better the pleasure!