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How to remove your back pain with a Hotspring spa

Back pain is one of the most common conditions that affects people and has many different causes
from stress & reduced mental health, to sedentary lifestyles, physical injury, and poor posture
amongst many other causes.
But whatever the cause, there’s one thing we all agree upon – pain damages our quality of life.
Here are 3 ways a Hotspring spa will help solve your back pain woes.

Perfect your posture

Tight muscles pull on our bones and negatively affect our posture & comfort. Over time this can
have serious effects on our mobility, and so on our freedom to move as and when we like. This in
turn affects our mental health as well.
Bathing in hot water relaxes your muscles & allows them to become more pliable (stretchy). This
releases the tension placed on your bones and allows your body to over time achieve more natural
forms of alignment.
Regularly using your Hotspring spa to relax the muscles around your spine & hips, along with
performing light exercises & stretches whilst being soothed by the hydromassage jets, will aid in
improving your mobility & so your ability to carry on coming & going as you please throughout your
Hotsprings Highlife range is the home of our patented Moto-Massage DX moving jet stream, which is
the only moving back-massager jet on the market and is masterful at soothing back pain whether
you need a light touch, or a deeper muscular therapy.

Get the good stuff in & the bad stuff out

The muscles of your body require unencumbered blood-flow in order to efficiently be supplied with
oxygen to create the energy they need to move & function, whilst removing the waste products so
they don’t build up and cause discomfort.
Tight muscles restrict your blood-flow, making it harder for the good stuff to get in, and the bad stuff
to get out.
Bathing in your Energy Smart Hotspring spa will open up your circulation, nourishing your muscles
with fresh blood & oxygen, improving your posture and removing pain, and allowing your body and
mind to relax and unwind, with our independently tested low running costs meaning you can indulge
for as long as you like.

Take back your life

Our mind & body affect each other.
The discomfort of back pain can affect your sleep and ability to focus and concentrate, leading to a
shortness of patience, a low mood, poor communication skills & a lower quality of life.

All of these consequences of back pain can therefore negatively affect you personal and family
relationships, your productivity at work, your ability to enjoy hobbies & interests, and getting a
quality nights sleep so your body can repair & rejuvenate.

Bathing in your Hotspring spa for as little as 15 minutes can therefore have wonderous effects that
carry over into the other 23 ¾ hours of your day.

What would removing your back pain do for your quality time with your partner with your new lifted
mood & ability to enjoy more activities?

What would time with your family be like now that you can fully focus & concentrate on them,
rather than trying to ‘switch-off’ and deal with a seemingly never-ending pain?

How would your health benefit from relaxing in a spa to remove your back pain & calm your mind,
rather than turning to alcohol & other self-medications for some relief?

What other ways can you think of that your life will be enhanced by removing your back pain?
Hotsprings Energy Smart spas are far more than hot tubs, they are the bridge between where you
are now, and the pain-free, enjoyable life you desire.

Chat with an expert
If you’re ready to take the first step to moving towards the next pain-free chapter of your life, our
Spa Consultants in Hotsprings showrooms are more than happy to help you find your perfect hot
So, do call or visit us at –
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