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How to set up your hot tub

  1. Fill your hot tub with your garden hose, placed as far as you can down the filter with the grey cap.
  2. Add 4oz. of STAIN & SCALE while filling (jets do not need to be on).
  3. When the spa is full, insert Fresh Water Silver Ion cartridge into the filter with the gray cap.
  4. Go to sub panel and turn on power.
  5. Test the water. To do this dip a test strip into the water pull it out and count to 30. Now look at the PH and Alkalinity reading. This area tends to have a high PH and Alkalinity. It will be very critical to get your PH and Alkalinity to the ok range on the test strip. If it looks like the PH and Alkalinity are high hit the clean button then add 3oz. of either Low n’ slow or PH Decreaser. Wait 30 min.
  6. Test the water. If PH and Alkalinity are still high add 1 – 3oz. of Low n’ Slow or PH Decreaser. Wait 30 minutes. (Repeat step 6 until PH and Alkalinity are in the ok range).Getting pH and Alkalinity into the okay range is absolutely the most important step in maintaining your spa. Failure to balance your pH and Alkalinity will result in a calcium reaction which could lock up pumps, and ruin the spas filters. This is not covered under any warranty.
  7. ***Steps 5 and 6 must be performed within 10 hours of filling your spa.
  8. Wait until the water is warm before proceeding to Step 9.
  9. Hit the clean button then add 1oz. of Enhanced Shock or Chlorine Concentrate then wait until the spa shuts off.
  10. Hit the clean button then add oz. of Spa Silken, wait until spa shuts off.
  11. Hit the clean button then add oz. Low n Slow, wait until spa shuts off.
  12. Test water, and adjust PH and Alkalinity if necessary.
  13. You are now ready to use your spa.