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Tips for installing a HotSpring hot tub indoors

1. Plan your flooring and drainage around your hotspring hot tub

When you’re getting in and out of your hot tub, there’s going to be water dripping everywhere. You would want to make sure that you install a non-slip flooring and a drainage system near your hot tub. A drain near your hot tub is so you can easily drain your hot tub when needed and stop any build of of excess moisture. 

2. Choose the right indoor hotspring hot tub

If your hot tub is going to be placed in a new room, make sure that your room is big enough for both hot tub and the cover lifter if applicable. The most common HotSpring hot tubs for indoor use are the Jetsetter and the Stride. However, if you don’t have a big room for your hot tub. The TX is the perfect compact hot tub, and great for the indoor use where space may be limited due its unique triangular shape.

3. Ventilation

Once the cover is off, all the steam will head towards your ceiling. To minimize moisture in your room, we recommend that you use a heater and ceiling fan to circulate the air in the room. In order to get rid of the humidity out of the room fast, you’re going to need a powerful ventilation system for it. That’s the most important tip to prevent damaging your walls and structural elements.  The vents can be fitted in the ceiling, external wall or window mounts. Don’t forget to get one with a timer, thermostat and humidistat for your vent. It is easier to keep track of how humid a room is.

4. Have easy access to water

All of our HotSpring hot tubs are portable, no need to worry about external indoor plumping. However, you still want to easily fill up your hot tub with water. The best tip is to install a water spigot nearby your hot tub. Don’t forget though, when using a freshwater salt system, you only need to change your water once every 12 months. Overall, we think it’s great to have your hot tub indoor. We would recommend hot tub users to hire a contractor or architect for this type of project. Or if there’s more questions regarding to install a hot tub indoor, come visit your local showroom.

We have showrooms based in Cardiff, Chepstow, Bristol, Swansea and Plymouth. Or you can contact us through our website. We will help you the best we can and help you to choose the suitable hot tub for you and your home.