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Where to put your outdoor hot tub

Where to put your outdoor hot tub

If you’re planning on putting a hot tub in your garden – congratulations, there’s little better than enjoying a soak in the great outdoors! Careful positioning of your hot tub will ensure you get the most out of your outdoor experience. Here’s what to bear in mind…

Choose a level, structurally sound surface

Water-filled hot tubs that are well insulated weigh a lot. You’ll need to choose a surface that can support the weight of your hot tub. The filled weight of some of our most popular hot tubs are below. 

You can check the weight of each of our hot tubs via their individual product pages.

Also, make sure you choose a surface that will not shift and settle, causing an uneven hot tub. Suitable surfaces include:

Concrete slab

The ideal surface for a hot tub in the long term is concrete slab. This is also the only option that’s suitable for our larger hot tubs such as the Grandee.

We recommend that the concrete is 10cm thick and slightly sloped (1.5cm per 3.5m) so that rain water will run off and not puddle under the hot tub.

Brick, stepping stones or blocks (smaller hot tubs only)

Smaller hot tubs may be placed on level bricks, stepping stones, blocks or wood shims. Care needs to be taken to ensure the surface remains level, especially if they are placed on soft ground.


Level patios can be a good surface for hot tubs. Again, check that it stays level over time.


Decking can be suitable but we recommend consulting a structural engineer to ensure your decking is capable of the load, especially for raised decks.

Good access

Choose a location with good access. Not only do you need to be able to reach it easily from the house, you’ll also need to be able to access the electrical components and equipment compartment for maintenance.

No debris

Debris in your hot tub system can cause damage. Avoid this by positioning your hot tub away from overhanging trees. Placing your hot tub in a grassy area can also cause more debris to get into your hot tub.

Leveling your hot tub

So that your hot tub operates properly, it’s vital that it’s level. Once in place, follow the instructions in your manual to level before filling.

And enjoy…

Now your hot tub is in the right place, you can start enjoying those Al-fresco soaks, starry nights and outdoor hydro-massages!

With summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to be buying a new hot tub. Check out our full range of HotSpring Hot Tubs.