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Why is it best to use a Hot Tub when "WINTER IS COMING!"

“Winter is coming!” – Jon Snow. It’s getting colder and colder each day. You will find it harder to wake up each morning, not even when white walkers mar the land. Many people thinks it’s crazy to use a hot tub in the cold season, however here are some reasons why you should use our HotSpring hot tub for the winter, especially when in Westeros the last winter lasted for 3 years. 

1. Prevent muscles and joints becoming stiff 
In colder weather, it is more likely you will pull your muscles or strain your joint during a physical activity such as sword practice. That’s why if you should soak in your hot tub before exercise, it can help you to warm up and relax your body to have a safer workout. If you want the best result, you can also soak in your hot tub after your workout. This will prevent becoming stiff. Some more information on how a hot tub can help sore muscles can be found here – click here 

2. More productive in the day
When the temperature is dropping all we want to do is curl up as a ball and hide underneath our bear fur blankets. However, if you have a quick soak in your hotspring hot tub, your body will warm up and make you more alert, easing you into your day. You can use the dealer locator to find your nearest HotSpring dealer and give this a go for yourself! 

3. Have the best of both worlds and all seven kingdoms 
Many people fear that using the hot tub in the winter will be too cold for them when they must leave the comfort of the water.  It’s common for people to worry about the long walk from your hot tub back into your house or castle due to becoming more cold in the long term. However, this is only a myth and in fact it’s going to keep you warm all the day long. 

Here’s a tip if you do fear the cold, just keep your warm robe next to your hot tub, so once you’re back in the house, you will be nice and warm.

Overall, you shouldn’t fear using the hot tub in the winter. Many hot tub users reported that winter is the best time to use the hot tub. We’re all here to challenge you to give it a try for the winter. After that, let us know your experience.

If you want more information about hot tubs in general, or you’d like to have a test-soak in a hot tub, please pop into our closest showroom. We have showrooms based in Cardiff, Chepstow, Bristol, Swansea and Plymouth.