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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What warranty do I get on my hot tub?

Your HotSpring hot tub comes with excellent warranties up to 7 Years.

2) Are your hot tubs fully relocatable?

Yes, as long as you have the appropriate base and electrics, you should be able to move and re position your hot tub pretty much anywhere you would like.

3) Do I need to use lots of chemicals?

No. With our maintenance programme, designed to make your life easy and stress free, you will probably spend no more than a few minutes a week treating the water. 

4) What are the running costs?

This will vary according to the hot tub concerned and the amount you use it, but for example the Hot Spot hot tubs cost about 60 pence per day to run.

5) How often do I need to change the water?

Owing to our superior filtration, we recommend that you change the water in HotSpring Hot tubs every 3 months.

6) Are the hot tub controls easy to use?

Yes. The control panel is clearly displayed, and once you have set the desired temperature, you can just forget it!

7) My hot tub is not working as it should. What do I do?

Simply telephone our service department on 0117 966 5628 or send an email to providing as much information as possible regarding the problem and we will contact you to arrange fixing it.

8) How long will it take to deliver my order?

If we have the stock then we can deliver within 48 hours. If the stock needs to be ordered then it may take up to 12 weeks for delivery however it is typically much sooner.

9) Will you install and commission the hot tub?

The installation and commissioning of your new hot tub will take approximately 2-3 hours but there is no additional charge for this as long as it takes place on the day of delivery. 

10) How will the delivery be arranged?

You will be contacted by our Service Department to arrange a suitable date for delivery.

11) What electrics do I need?

With regards to the electrical supply you should only use a qualified Electrician. Typical electrical costs are in the region of £300 to £400 for a circuit from your consumer unit to the hot tub, add a further £150 to £200 should you want a socket outlet or some garden lighting. 

12) How much do you charge for delivery?

Delivery is free of charge as long as a crane is not required. Crane costs will be quoted prior to delivery.

13) Will you deliver anywhere in the UK?

We will deliver to anywhere within the South west of England and Wales – please call us if you would like to check that we can deliver to your area.

14) Can I sink the hot tub into decking?

Yes, providing you leave the appropriate access to the maintenance panel. Installation instructions are provided upon purchase or prior to purchase if requested.

15) Do I get anything for recommending a friend?

Yes. At HotSpring we like to thank our customers for recommending us to their friends and family. Please ask your friend/family member to quote your name, postcode, and which hot tub you purchased when they order their own, and we will credit your account with £100 to spend on accessories and chemicals sold within the showrooms.

16) Do I need to have a water supply piped to the hot tub?

You do not need a water supply as our hot tubs are filled and emptied via a hose.

17) What base do I need to stand the hot tub on?

We recommend a flat level solid base; this is to make sure the hot tub does not sink (typically this would be a four-inch concrete base). Although this does not affect your warranty, a hot tub positioned on a surface that is not level will have water that appears higher on one side to another, and you will find that you need to constantly top up the water.

18) Does the cabinet require any maintenance?

The cabinets on our hot tubs are made from easy care, wood-effect material, which requires no specific maintenance. You may want to simply rinse it with a hose once in a while to keep it looking nice so that it retains its lustre during its lifetime. You may also like to know that the cabinets never lose their colour.

19) What is the temperature range of the hot tub?

The HotSpring hot tubs have a range of between 26 and 40 degrees – this enables you to have a cooler hot tub for the summer months, and a wonderful steamy hot tub for those icy winter evenings!

20) Are the covers effective at keeping the heat in?

Yes, the cover has been designed to trap in the heat and it has extended flaps to prevent the wind from getting up under the cover and cooling the water.

21) Where should I put the hot tub?

Technically you can place a hot tub anywhere, although we find that most of our customers prefer the outdoor experience. As such we have a gazebo available to help protect you from the weather and nosey neighbours!