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How to calculate your hot tub electric bill

You might be surprised at how little it costs to run a HotSpring hot tub. Here’s how to calculate what your hot tub electric bill could be.

Hot tub energy use calculator

We have created a hot tub energy use calculator that allows you to easily see how much each model would cost to run. To save you time, we’ve done the calculations for you for some of our most popular models. 

All these calculations are based on the average UK price per kilowatt hour (currently 0.14p) and on the average temperature in London (11°C).

It is based on the assumption you use your hot tub at 39°C six times a week for 30 minutes, with the jets on for 15 minutes of that time.

Highlife Jetsetter Hot Tub

  • £26.82 per month
  • £6.71 a week

Highlife Prodigy Hot Tub

  • £27.55 per month
  • £6.89 a week

Highlife Grandee Hot Tub

  • £34.47 per month
  • £8.61 a week

Use the calculator to get an accurate calculation for your location, electricity costs and choice of hot tub.

Things that will help with your hot tub electric bill

Below are the three most important factors that will effect the running cost of your hot tub.

  • Heater – High kw heaters are an indication of poor insulation and will result in higher running costs. Most of HotSpring’s hot tubs have a 1.5kw titanium heater (less than most domestic kettles!).
  • Electrical Supply – HotSpring’s manufacture the worlds most energy efficient hot tubs which is demonstrated by the fact that many of our models only require between 13-16amps and still provide some of the most powerful hydrotherapy jets on the market.
  • Insulation – Many of our hot tubs are insulated with 60lb High density multi layer Polyurethane foam which is the same insulation used in aircrafts. It doesn’t get any better, in fact most other hot tub brands offer a mere 1/2lb of foam and thus saving the manufactures money but resulting in higher running costs for the consumer.

Energy-saving features to reduce your hot tub electric bill

All HotSpring hot tubs feature patented energy-saving features designed to reduce running costs. For example, the highly insulated shells are paired with specially-designed covers that lock heat in. Once your hot tub is hot, it will retain heat much better than many other models, saving money on your electric bills.

For more information about hot tub ownership, why not visit one of our showrooms